Mergers & Acquisitions

Sayer Energy Advisors specializes in oil and natural gas M&A transactions. We achieve success through a consistent and credible process, and experienced professionals from a wealth of business backgrounds bring together all of the crucial pieces to provide a complete view of the transaction.

When assisting in a corporate or property divestiture, we create complete packages and distribute them to our extensive database of buyers. Our contacts receive the right information designed to initiate a buying decision. By distributing to our complete database, we are increasing the opportunity to receive more higher quality offers. Further direct marketing is done throughout the process to ensure we effectively reach the target market.

Sayer looks after all the details for a full value experience. Our clients appreciate our hard work and we are proud of the fact that we have many repeat clients and receive frequent referrals. We are known for our outstanding work with “juniors” and this has become an area of expertise for our mergers and acquisitions team.

M&A Engagements include:
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